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Our Story

Tidebreak Towels is a small Australian business started by a couple of people who like to travel. Shannon has lived overseas and visited over 30 countries during her twenties. She created the Weighted Beach Towel because she wanted the perfect travel towel.

“I’ve travelled a lot and I know my go-to packing list. But it never included a towel – even though I’ve mostly stayed in hostels. I just never found a towel that fit multiple travel needs. I love quick-drying towels, but many of the ones I found were really thin. When you’re staying on the beach for sunset and the breeze picks up, you need a towel that’s warm too. My other issue was leaving my towel on the sand when I went to explore, take a photo, grab a snack – whatever, and I’d come back to see my towel cartwheeling down the beach with a gust of wind. That’s why I sat down, used my one semester of design knowledge, and created the Weighted Beach Towel.” – Shannon

A towel that stays weighted in the breeze. And is quick-drying. And is double layered for warmth.

The Weighted Beach Towel is your go-to travel towel.

Shannon’s partner, Tom, is the foundation of Tidebreak Towels. While Shannon is the designer, photographer, and one who runs socials; Tom is the driver on long day trips for towel photography, the safety expert during headland shots, and the one who originally said, “do it, Shan. Let’s make your towels.” Shannon and Tom are high school teachers in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia, and they’re very keen for future travels with a towel finally fit for Shannon’s ‘go-to packing list’.

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